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Remembering + Reawakening the Magdalene-Rose Lineage

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Know that you are already the Magdalene that you seek, and that all of you is not only welcomed, but deeply needed… here and now.

Thank you for bringing your gaze to this page. Simply by being here, you are fully received by an unbroken lineage of Love long awaiting your arrival.

There is nothing you have to do to welcome this much love. 

This communion is a remembrance that cannot be taught or bought, only received through a deep relationship with oneself.


Our intention is to create and curate spaces that allow for the natural remembrance to re-awaken within you with grace and ease.

We hope to gather with you soon should you feel a full-body yes when responding to this clarion call. Until we meet (again), we share our blessings of fierce love!


With Deep Bows,


You cannot find

Mary Magdalene

in a book.

You can only find her

in your body



upcoming immersions


december 2019


Venus codes + the abundant priestess

November 8-10th 2019 || Gainesville, FL

Reclaim the Holy Whore as we walk together in The Beauty Way of Sisterhood. In this 3-day weekend immersion, you will remember your birthright of abundance and pleasure. We are being supported by the codes of Venus, which bless us with connection to our womb-wisdom, sacred sexuality. Together, we will nourish ourselves and each other while grounding our desires so we may serve our path more fully.

march 2020



March 20 - 22nd 2020 || New York, NY

Reawaken the codes lying dormant within you, as you step into your sacred service. In this immersion, we are invoking aspects of The Magdalene which honor the depth and breath of purpose you have come here to embody. In service to leading, living, and loving as Magdalene, you will be supported in personal, ancestral, and collective healing + transformation as we reclaim the wisdom of the Black Madonna.

july 2020


filling the inner well

July 19 - 26th 2020 || Glastonbury, England

Join us over Saint Mary Magdalene’s Feast Day for our annual Novena, an in-person prayerful pilgrimage, to a sacred site which holds the frequency of the Magdalene. This year we will come together to activate Avalonian codes within the sacred lands of Glastonbury, where the Earth speaks directly to us and invites us into deep elemental healing, ancestral remembrance, and an undeniable Inner Marriage.

Humbly we answer the call.

We surrender to that which has been calling us home.

We remember, as they have before us, and those who are yet to come.

Humbly we walk here, unfolding with grace and beauty.


priestess of the

rose lineage

a Sophianic Tradition through the StarS

Reaching down from the Stars, with our bodies as the vessels, we have access to the wisdom of Sirius and Venus. If you are reading this, you are certainly one of the souls incarnated here in this Sophianic (Earth) realm with a purpose to remember and activate this wisdom within you for the benefit of all.

This particular non-denominational lineage of the Sisterhood of the Rose is held and supported by Sophia, the Creatrix Mother of all life, and brought through the devoted and available mentors Isis, Hathor, Mother Mary, Quan Yin, Mary Magdalene, Inanna, Lilith, Eve, Joan of Arc, Tara(s), White Buffalo Woman, Yeshe Tsoygal, Machig Lobdron, the Seraphim Dragons and more.


As white and mixed, cisgendered, queer women, we acknowledge that EXALT is offered through our lenses of identity and the privileges that we hold. We acknowledge that oppression is a reality. We have a commitment to listen to, celebrate, and center the voices and experiences of Womxn of Color, transgendered womxn, and non-binary peoples in this space, as well as all marginalized voices. We agree to remain radically open to learning evermore about our responsibility to create liberatory spaces for all.

Ways that we commit to doing so are through consultation with social justice leaders | investing in our continued education and training on non-performative allyship | celebrating diversity in the community | offering scholarships to womxn of color | including liberatory material in education of priestesses in training | tithing proceeds to organizations that dismantle oppression.


We use the term “Initiate” to refer to one who has committed, deeply, to crossing over the the threshold from the mundane into the sacred. They hold this as their way of being in this physical world reality, in service to their purpose and to the awakening of all beings whose paths they cross. This is not an overnight step. It is one that is reaffirmed day in and day out. It is a path one surrenders themselves to because they know there is no other path for them.

This is a path of devotion, a giving of one’s whole Self, a prayer for all the illusions to be burned to dust so only the sacred flame remains.

We acknowledge “there are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the ground; there are a thousand ways to go home again” (-Rumi), and so we welcome you. Whether you have been immersed within the Sophianic traditions for decades or She has just come to you and you are seeking to know Her more, we welcome you.

Here, we all stand on equal ground. We commit to a non-hierarchical community and honor each other as teachers along this path. We believe that each of our bodies, the collective human body, and the body of the Earth hold a greater wisdom that is available for us to tap into in order to cultivate greater trust in our own inner-knowing + collective awakening.

we honor Our TeacherS,

our Teacher’s Teachers, and the Teacher Within. We give thanks to all the guides, seen and unseen, who serve this ancient lineage of love.

“God/Goddess planted within the souls of men and women a seed, which housed the memory of their divinity and of their birth into form. We encode our calling . . . as a seed kernel called the seed of Light, and we each remember this code at exactly the chosen moment.”

- Flo Aeveia Magdalena

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the magdalene within


The Magdalene Rose has many petals that unfold to help us remember our natural state of exaltation and union through the grace of Source. 

The five sacred pillars that create this wholistic matrix provide a blueprint for awakening, becoming, and leading through this Love.

You are invited to trace the orbit of the Venus Rose with us, activating your remembrance through embodied presence and surrendered service.




Soul Blueprint Activation

sacred service soul-purpose leadership circuitry alignment co-creating with source


Venusian Codes

reclaiming the whore womb-wisdom planetary tantra sacred sexuality  beauty way


The Abundant Priestess

sisterhood holy currency being well resourced grounding desires nourishment and pleasure


Holy Marriage

welcoming the beloved inner union polarity  romancing life worship and devotion


Sacred Activism

personal + ancestral + collective healing decolonization the black madonna grieving



centering anti-racism + liberatory work


It is our commitment to dedicate ourselves to anti-racism and liberatory work, and mark them as pillars of what it means to walk as Priestess in action within the EXALT Community, and beyond.

We are aware that this work is so much more than diversity + inclusion, it is about being in community while centering the principles of unlearning and systemically dismantling the inner and outer effects of racism and oppression.

We acknowledge we will make mistakes, and are committed to listening + learning, and doing the work.


WORKING FROM love and freedom, NOT just for. We believe both are necessary.


meet your guides


dancing along the

unfolding path

Karen and Luna have studied and trained collectively for over 20 years with teachers in multidisciplinary healing arts + ceremonial traditions.

They have given themselves to learning the full breath of the Magdalene path, including hands on healing, mystical transmissions, supporting the passages of birth and death, ceremonial arts, social justice advocacy, Eastern wisdom, devotional worship, tantric initiations of India and Tibet, grief counseling, trauma-informed care and healing, community service, Goddess + ancient mystery school teachings, Divine Feminine Christ Leadership, hypnotherapy, clinical psychology, meditation, breathwork, women’s health + womb care, sacred dance and embodiment arts, The Path of the Melissae, serpent tending, Earth-based traditions, and more.

Luna and Karen both share a commitment to leadership, love, and liberation through their work in private mentorship as well as in institutions. They have offered complimentary and contracted services in treatment centers, clinics, prisons, schools, and hospitals.

In marriage with the Inner Wisdom that continues to be revealed with every authentic “yes!” and the balance of education and ritual, they alchemize all of this within the cauldron of EXALT to serve incoming initiates and priestesses continuing on their own path.

While their individual work continues, a beautiful and unexpected dharma has been unfolding between them. Guided by Grace, and with requests for spaces to study the Magdalene essence in deeper and deeper ways, Luna and Karen gratefully commit to walking this unfolding path as each next step becomes clear and made possible by more and more womxn showing up to remember alongside them.


trainings + stewardship

priestesses of service

It takes a village. We have been humbled with each offering by those who so have heard the call to step more deeply into their path of service through learning more about the Priestesshood within EXALT. A Priestess is so much more than adorned for ritual. She is informed by equity, she has in-depth training, she has committed herself fully and has been initiated, understanding this is a path of layers, like the rose unfolding with opportunities. She embodies continuous devotion.

Priestesses of Service are initiates who are in service to Her. Living and breathing as Her here on this Earth, in their present remembrance of what it is to be fully human + fully holy.

The service held in the EXALT offerings is not to the participants, the facilitators, oneself, or the container... but to Her. This is a highly personal knowing of alignment within oneself that is regularly being asked to be re-calibrated + realigned by the changing circumstances of the Priestess of Service’s inner and outer environment in order to serve the highest good of the group.

This is a practice of presence, consistent attunement, and integrity.

We have created an in-depth training manual, that will soon be a bound book, to support this growing portion of EXALT.

Stepping into training as a Priestess of Service includes shadowing and learning directly from a current Priestess of Service, as well as Karen and Luna, at an upcoming EXALT immersion. This is made possible through one of the following prerequisites:

  • you have already attended one of the following Initiations: EXALT, The Art + Soul of Sacred Embodiment, The Trinity Initiation, VESSEL, Fill Up + Pour Forth, or PORTALS

  • or you have extensive training through walking this Path of the Magdalene with other teachers

  • you fill out an application and go through the interview process

Tending the garden of our future together


our heartfelt prayer

seeding the sisterhood


The whisper for this global offering began on the Feast Day of Mary Magdalene on July 22, 2018. Since then, ‘She’ has guided us to tend to this unfolding rose, as its own expression with its own soul, leading us to take each step in Her name. 

Our intention is to offer ongoing immersions, retreats and sacred site pilgrimages around the world as a part of the Order of the Rose — a lineage of love that has never left you.

We are creating and nourishing a web of support to activate a grid of remembrance that runs deep, but also wide, as more and more hearts awaken to the truth of who we are.

We all need pillars of support as the planet transforms. We cannot do this alone.

As this sisterhood takes root, grows, and flourishes, the medicine of the rose unfurls in the spaces we inhabit, within our bodies, families, communities and the Collective.

Sister, your High Heart is deeply needed as we tend this vision together.


humbled by the

praise on high


“EXALT is a space to gather in sacred sisterhood and peel back the layers of my remembrance and devotion in the most loving and grounded container. Within it I felt so held and safe to explore the full spectrum of my being. In my body, I feel grace, beauty, pleasure, gratitude, receptivity, and ancient connection. I can't imagine a more exquisite model for lateral leadership and heart and womb-centered co-creation than what Karen and Luna have invited us into.”

- Arielle Gardner


“One full moon cycle after EXALT, and I am still integrating all the powerful downloads from this time of Sisterhood. I used to think Priestesshood was for womxn wanting to play dress up. I am now convinced that it's a rite of passage we get to embark on - need to embark on- through experiences like this. I am forever grateful to Karen and Luna for creating this sacred portal called EXALT.”

- Kelly Germaine


“Something very potent shifted in me through the practices, power of the circle, and my inner communion: an opportunity to know myself as Magdalene and embody a taste of her unending love, strength and devotion. I walked away with a heart full of brimming gratitude and a renewed strength that has ripples into my life in countless ways.”

- Rosalie Amber Grace


“Please gift yourself this experience of the reclamation of a lifetime. There is so much potency here. With the combination of Karen and Luna’s magic, the facilitation allows for true devotion and feminine power to be tangibly anchored, in truly inexplicable ways, that words do not do justice.”

- Christina Korpick



exalt + inspired offerings map

Red Roses denote locations where past + upcoming E X A L T Immersions have been held.

Pink Roses denote locations where Priestesses of Service have lead E X A L T inspired immersions.

We hope to see you at an upcoming immersion soon. If you’d like us to come to your community, send us a note below.


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