upcoming immersions


december 2019


Venus codes + the abundant priestess

November 8-10th 2019 || Gainesville, FL

Reclaim the Holy Whore as we walk together in The Beauty Way of Sisterhood. In this 3-day weekend immersion, you will remember your birthright of abundance and pleasure. We are being supported by the codes of Venus, which bless us with connection to our womb-wisdom, sacred sexuality. Together, we will nourish ourselves and each other while grounding our desires so we may serve our path more fully.

march 2020



March 20 - 22nd 2020 || New York, NY

Reawaken the codes lying dormant within you, as you step into your sacred service. In this immersion, we are invoking aspects of The Magdalene which honor the depth and breath of purpose you have come here to embody. In service to leading, living, and loving as Magdalene, you will be supported in personal, ancestral, and collective healing + transformation as we reclaim the wisdom of the Black Madonna.

july 2020


filling the inner well

July 19 - 26th 2020 || Glastonbury, England

Join us over Saint Mary Magdalene’s Feast Day for our annual Novena, an in-person prayerful pilgrimage, to a sacred site which holds the frequency of the Magdalene. This year we will come together to activate Avalonian codes within the sacred lands of Glastonbury, where the Earth speaks directly to us and invites us into deep elemental healing, ancestral remembrance, and an undeniable Inner Marriage.