humbled by the

praise on high


“I received a deep remembering of the holy innocence of my body and the bodies of all humans. I remembered how worthy I am to receive these beautiful experiences and how capable I am of being a leader in my own community.  I feel different: upgraded, healed, transformed and renewed on a cellular level.”

- Christina Echevarria


“EXALT is a space to gather in sacred sisterhood and peel back the layers of my remembrance and devotion in the most loving and grounded container. Within it I felt so held and safe to explore the full spectrum of my being. In my body, I feel grace, beauty, pleasure, gratitude, receptivity, and ancient connection. I can't imagine a more exquisite model for lateral leadership and heart and womb-centered co-creation than what Karen and Luna have invited us into.”

- Arielle Gardner


“I left this immersion renewed in my hope of humanity and extra clear on my calling as an embodied leader in this present darkness. EXALT is truly a glimpse into the transformation that can happen when womxn and femmes gather together for liberation.

One full moon cycle after EXALT, and I am still integrating all the powerful downloads from this time of Sisterhood. I used to think Priestesshood was for womxn wanting to play dress up. I am now convinced that it's a rite of passage we get to embark on - need to embark on- through experiences like this. I am forever grateful to Karen and Luna for creating this sacred portal called EXALT.”

- Kelly Germaine


“Something very potent shifted in me through the practices, power of the circle, and my inner communion: an opportunity to know myself as Magdalene and embody a taste of her unending love, strength and devotion. I walked away with a heart full of brimming gratitude and a renewed strength that has ripples into my life in countless ways.”

- Rosalie Amber Grace


“Please gift yourself this experience of the reclamation of a lifetime. There is so much potency here. With the combination of Karen and Luna’s magic, the facilitation allows for true devotion and feminine power to be tangibly anchored, in truly inexplicable ways, that words do not do justice.”

- Christina Korpick


“This was one of the most transformational and activating experiences of my entire life. The evening rituals were profound for me, especially the closing ritual. I felt big breakthroughs during breathwork, song, and wombwork. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for guiding and inspiring.”

- Aiyana Sage


“I walk away from this experience feeling stronger and more empowered than ever to reclaim and restore my power as a voice and embodiment of the Female Christ. By remembering and exalting her, I can remember and exalt my own divine nature.”

—Jackie Zavalza


“EXALT was life changing for me. This was by far one of the most transformative and spiritually guided weekends of my life. Luna and Karen facilitated this beautifully. It was through EXALT that I have connected deeper to my ancestral codes, purpose and inner knowing.”

—Jen Weissman


“The final ritual was very moving. I could tell then, that it was going to be an important moment in my life. Karen and Luna are both knowledgeable, wise, and confident, without arrogance or heirachy. I’m grateful to them both for opening me to the Priestess Path.”

- Cheryl Moller


“Karen and Luna create such a special place to release, surrender, and connect. You can feel that they walk their talk and care about sharing information, history and practice. This was a life changing experience for me. Completely worth it. I am beyond thrilled that I answered the call.”

- Sage Mariah