Priestess of Service Training


 Deepen in your communion

through the path of sacred service

Spiraling System

of Mutual Support 

EXALT is honored to offer paid and discounted opportunities to initiates of the Rose who step forward to serve and learn the ways of temple keeping and tending sacred space in the many ways She requires. 

As EXALT grows and blooms, Luna and Karen commit to nourishing wider and wider circles of Priestesses, with the intention of spreading the seeds of this lineage of love further than they ever could alone.

*note this is not a work-trade opportunity, this is an in-depth training and commitment.

Who is a

Priestess of Service?


Priestesses of Service (PoS) are initiates who are in service to Her. 

Living and breathing as Her here on this Earth, in their present remembrance of what it is to be fully human + fully Holy. The service held in the EXALT offerings is not to the participants, the facilitators, oneself, or the container... but to Her.

It is important that one be of clear and sound mind and body to hold this space. This is an intention of being and moving through the space and time of EXALT as an empty vessel, while balancing one’s own personal arisings without indulgence.

It is asked that you take care of yourself, so you can take care of others.

Doing these practices, being of service in this way, and living as a Priestess of Service in the ceremonial space should offer and pave a path in your life that supports your work in the world and how you serve outside of EXALT.

Anyone is welcome to become a Priestess of Service, after one of the following prerequisites have been fulfilled:

  • You have already attended one of the following Initiations: EXALT, The Art + Soul of Sacred Embodiment, The Trinity Initiation, VESSEL, Fill Up + Pour Forth, or PORTALS

  • You have extensive training through walking this Path of the Magdalene with other teachers

  • You fill out an application and go through the interview process



☥  Temple Keeper 

This role is essential, Temple Keepers are like the air - the energy that moves through all things and maintains the spaces between spaces, they are the thread of connection within our gatherings.

These are PoS who are responsible for setting up the space and maintaining it’s energetic and physical integrity. We ask that one walks in the Beauty Way within and throughout the space. This means, seeing and creating beauty everywhere one goes through thoughts, words, presence, and creative actions. Temple Keepers may also support initiates and facilitators with any practical or light personal matters.  

☥  Song Carrier 

This role is intended to hold the heartbeat of rhythm that carries and amplifies the prayers of the collective, an individual, and of the ritual/ceremony we just partook in, or to support us in preparing to enter that space with grace. Songs are recorded and shared with the community to be passed on as the carrier sees fit. Songs are received as gifts that come through us from the Muse, from beyond.

☥  Visual Scribe + Librarian 

They are our record keepers.

This role is to witness and create beauty in communion with the Muse. Through the Beauty Way path, a visual scribe is encouraged to contribute to the space as inspired, and arrange sacred items to curate portals of art. We ask our librarians to coordinate book rentals and remain in communication with Initiates who have borrowed texts at EXALT’s investment.

Nourishment + Alchemy

This role is to deeply enjoy the creative process through the prayer of planning, serving and preparing. One is encouraged to infuse the beverages with gratitude, song, prayer as they will become the holy water we drink. The same with food, throughout the preparation, presence and attention in combination with the elements present are creating an alchemical experience that will continue to be alchemized through the intake and output of those energies.


Love begins at home, and it is not how much we do... but how much love we put in that action. Love cannot remain by itself – it has no meaning. Love has to be put into action, and that action is service.”

- Mother Teresa of Calcutta



Stepping into training as a Priestess of Service includes shadowing and learning directly from a current Priestesses of Service, as well as Karen and Luna, at an upcoming EXALT immersion.

Priestesses of Service (PoS) are financially nourished by the half-price investment of Priestesses of Service in Training (PoSIT), who learn, study and serve in their specific role alongside them. In other words, A PoSIT is requested to invest half of the full cost of an EXALT offering, and the PoS who trains her receives the funds. 

After being in service at one EXALT retreat or immersion, a PoSIT is welcome to step into the role of PoS and be compensated for their time, love, energy and devotion in the next event they attend. 

We have created an in-depth training manual, that will soon be a bound book, to complement the in-person transmission one receives. 

Suggestions and feedback to enhance this important piece of the EXALT legacy is always welcome.

exaltbook-01 2.jpg

In Gratitude

and Surrender to the Grace We Will Create Together

We would love to deepen in this walking prayer with you in service to Her. Thank you for the countless breaths of devotion you have already taken and for the ways you will continue to do so. 

We see you and deeply bow to you, exactly as you already are in this moment. We would be overjoyed to tend this garden alongside you, and we truly cannot do so without you. 

Blessings from our rose•womb hearts to yours,




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