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November 8 - 10th 2019 || Gainesville, Florida





You, Beloved, are invited to an initiatory gateway of practice, prayer, and purpose where we will be guided by the sensual star of Venus to re-awaken the Magdalene and Rose lineage within. Her transit gifts us the Codes of the Rose, spiraling to Earth as a gift of remembrance.

Venus beckons us to awaken ourselves through Her wisdom and love. As we say yes to this path, we do so in service to the awakening and honoring of the birthright of all beings, and to embrace our most sacred powers of sex, creation, liberation, and abundance.

Join us to experience, embody and EXALT in an intimate and nourishing weekend of re-union.

*This gathering is open to all fem-identified persons.




The Magdalene Path invites you to deeply receive more of yourself, which has a spiral effect on all areas of your life.


Opening the heart opens the womb.

Opening to pleasure opens you to power.

Opening to Her love invites an unfurling of sensuality, sexuality, beauty, abundance and nourishment into all of your being.  


In this immersion, we steep together in awakening the Venus Codes and the template of The Abundant Priestess. Soak up this curated arc of deep experiential practices through ceremony, breath, meditation, movement, initiation, radical invitations, seeing abundance through the lens of radical equity + liberation, and ultimately, awakening these frequencies directly into your body. 

Step into the temple of devotion. Unwind the knots within you. Untie the cords that bind you. Unfurl into your pleasure, power, and prosperity. 

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Explore the themes of remembrance through:

+ Healing the paradox of the Virgin - Whore and reclaim your erotic innocence

+ Releasing unconscious vows and oaths of poverty and martyrdom

+ Exploring planetary tantra practices for connection + awakening

+ Embracing perspectives on abundance through an anti-racist, equitable, and liberatory lens

+ Deepening in your birthright of pleasure, power, and prosperity

+ Grounding your desires and activate your financial receptivity through embodying The Beauty Way

+ Healing your relationship with Holy Currency

+ Remembering your inner communion through sacred sisterhood

+ Being blessed + anointed through intimate initiation rituals

+ Restoring your birthright as a vessel for Magdalene to live through

Allowing Her to

reveal Herself

to you, through you, and as you.




+ Deepen in the Feminine womb mysteries of Magdalene, Isis, Christ & Sophia

+ Integrate a deeper devotion to your liberated self

+ Welcome and receive the fullness of yourself + the world around you

+ Dismantle unconscious capitalistic tendencies that make you mistrust your desire

+ Experience Magdalene in the body through curated practices

+ Reclaim the Womb as your Sacred Temple and Oracle

+ Decolonize your mind/body from the systemic oppressive misbeliefs it holds

+ Cultivate your unique inner wisdom and awakening dormant codes

+ Expand your radical capacity to meet challenge and embody living as love

+ Come together in deep sisterhood and ritual

+ Re-enter the Sisterhood/Order of the Rose


our temple space




Casa Micanopy is a sanctuary dedicated to contemplation and awakening, just outside of historic Gainesville, Florida. The breath-taking 6-acre grounds provide an intimate and private setting for us to gather and enjoy the spanish moss, stunning views, hot tub, pool, outdoor ritual spaces, and candlelit meals together.

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Immersion begins Friday, November 8th at 10am and our container closes at 6pm Sunday, November 10th


10a Arrival + Libation Ritual

1 Lunch

3p Afternoon Offering

7p Dinner

9p Invocations + Ritual


10a Morning Offering

1p Lunch

3p Afternoon Offering

6p Dinner

8p Evening Ritual


10a Morning Offering

1p Lunch

3p Initiation Ritual

6p Closing Prayer

immersion includes

Local, organic, prayerfully-prepared meals:

Fri | lunch dinner

Sat | lunch, dinner

Sun | lunch

*Overnight accommodations and airfare not included

Recommended Accommodation: 7 min drive away - Herlong Mansion: https://herlong.com/ or other local AirBnb options

*Nearest Airports

Jacksonville Int Airport 1:45 drive

Ocala Intl Airport  :30 drive

Orlando Intl Airport: 1:45 drive


in the beauty, ecstasy + wisdom

o f t h e F e m i n i n e

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from previous immersions


“I received a deep remembering of the holy innocence of my body and the bodies of all humans. I remembered how worthy I am to receive these beautiful experiences and how capable I am of being a leader in my own community.  I feel different- upgraded, healed, transformed and renewed- on a cellular level.”

- Christina Echevarria


“This was one of the most transformational and activating experiences of my entire life. The evening rituals were profound for me, especially the closing ritual. I felt big breakthroughs during breathwork, song, and wombwork. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for guiding and inspiring.”

- Aiyana Sage 


“The final ritual was very moving. I could tell then, that it was going to be an important moment in my life. Karen and Luna are both knowledgeable, wise, and confident, without arrogance or heirachy. I’m grateful to them both for opening me to the Priestess Path.”

- Cheryl Moller



centering anti-racism + liberatory work

As two women with intersections of identity: white + mixed, cisgendered, queer, we acknowledge that EXALT is offered through our lenses and the privileges that we hold. We acknowledge that oppression is a reality. We have a commitment to celebrate and center the voices and experiences of Womxn of Color, transgender and female-bodied non-binary peoples in this space.

It is our commitment to create space for anti-racism and liberatory work to be pillars of what it means to walk as Priestess within the EXALT Community, and beyond.

We are aware that this work is so much more than diversity + inclusion, it is about creating a community founded on the principles of anti-racism and anti-oppression.

In this particular immersion as we explore sexuality, the trauma that many women hold in this realm, as well as the themes of abundance, we will be doing so through the awareness of the systemic oppression, racism, and capitalism that guides our experiences and beliefs, and working to decolonize our mind/bodies by taking responsibility for the ways we may unconsciously perpetuate these misbeliefs, and contribute to an oppressive + dehumanizing system. We will be holding communal accountability on how we take this work from our immersion into the world.

We agree to remain radically open to feedback and learning evermore about our capacity for greater responsibility. If you have any concern or questions about this, please reach out and share.

Each immersion has 2-3 half-priced scholarships for Women of Color, and creates opportunities for the EXALT community to contribute to those scholarships.

If you want to learn more about these values, and how their centered in this work, please watch, or re-watch our heartfelt share on the HOME page.

your guides


Together Karen + Luna steward EXALT in it’s rapid unfoldment, trusting in the grace and support gifted by the Magdalene, who resides as the guide and guardian for these collective immersions. They gratefully commit to walking this unfolding path as each next step becomes clear and made possible by more and more womxn showing up to remember alongside them.

Karen and Luna have studied and trained collectively for over 20 years with teachers in multidisciplinary healing arts + ceremonial traditions. They have given themselves to learning the full breath of the Magdalene path. Luna and Karen both share a commitment to leadership, love, and liberation through their shared and individual service-work.

In marriage with the Inner Wisdom that continues to be revealed with every authentic “yes!” and the balance of education and ritual, they alchemize all of this within the cauldron of EXALT to serve incoming initiates and priestesses continuing on their own path.

Luna 106.jpg

luna grace isbell-love

Luna is a Woman of Devotion, Soul Midwife, Transformational Leadership + Alignment Mentor and host of the podcast, Radical Remembrance. She assists today’s leading change-makers in sharing their full presence and gifts while achieving clear vision and aligned action in their Divinely guided purpose. Luna provides supportive, life-promoting experiences, practical tools and spiritual wisdom. She is devoted to social justice advocacy through council work and the dissolution of separation internally and externally. Most of all, she is here to walk a path of beauty and grace.

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karen serafina prosen

Karen is a transformational guide, womxn’s witness, mentor and devotee of The Feminine Face of God. She integrates converging paths of embodiment, self-initiation, and oracular activism into her many offerings. Trained as a Clinical Mental Health Therapist with emphasis on social justice, mindfulness and trauma healing, she is forever a student at heart. She supports people to treat their bodies as temples, become living vessels and walk on the pilgrimage of life lighter and more joyful than ever. She believes that through surrendering our will to the divine there is hope for all of us in the Great surrendering and that no one should ever have to do it alone.




The desire to be seen.

The fear of being seen.

The desire to express our authentic essence.

The fear of rejection.

The journey of self expression for the sake of Self…for the sake of Self fulfillment and Self pleasure. The exploration of all of the shapes and textures and colors of who you are.

Without apology, you are here for You.


Our Visual Scribe, Nico Nelson, will be offering optional intimate explorations of self love, self intimacy, and seeing yourself with the camera as your mirror. A safe container for you to express yourself, empower yourself, and share yourself with…yourself will be available.

These sessions are first and foremost for your eyes to behold your own individual, unique, wild, and intrinsic beauty.

As you touch the Magdalene within you, let this be an opportunity to create a touch stone; an image you can take with you through time and space to conjure your connection when you most need to recall your power.

This is a celebration of you.

*The option to book your portraiture session with Nico will be available in your welcome email upon registration


witnessed in pure love by nico nelson


Nico has served for 10 years behind the camera, crafting the way she sees the world. Initially beginning her journey with fashion photography and then wedding photography, Life pulled her suddenly down a path of self exploration, self discovery and ultimately, self love. She started to focus her camera on the people in her own community, and explored how to use this normally self scrutinizing tool for elevating the world around her. Her mission is to tell our stories and to create imagery that sends the kind of Love into the world that her own heart yearns to receive.


claim your space

Our last immersion sold out. Reserve your space soon!

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This 3-day devotional initiatory weekend immersion includes:

☥ Opening Ceremony ☥

☥ 3-days of life-changing prayer, practice, rites and ritual ☥

☥ 5 prayerfully made organic nourishing meals ☥

☥ Priestess Welcome Gifts ☥

☥ .mp3 Recording of a Guided Womb Journey ☥

☥ Alchemical Embodiment Practices to take with you ☥

☥ Life-long Sisterhood ☥

☥ Unforgettable Closing Initiation ☥

☥ Online Community Portal post-immersion ☥

*optional Priestess Portraiture 30min Session

This immersion does not include:

- transportation - lodging - breakfast -


sacred exchange

payment options


standard exchange

We have 9 standard-rate spaces available first come, first serve.

Total exchange $833 or

3x payments of $278

scholarship contribution

We are requesting 3 womxn who feel generous and are ready to pour forth to contribute to scholarships.

Total exchange $999 or

3x payments of $333

apply for woc scholarship

We have 3 scholarships available by application for Womxn of Color in need. Send us an email and we’ll be in touch.

Total cost for immersion is $411

*payment plan available

*All payments will lead you to a required application form.

Please make your deposit or invest in your space in full as each of our immersions fill quickly.

We’ll be following up personally by phone to welcome you across this threshold.

An official email will be sent within three business days after your space is claimed.

. contact us via email with any questions .




“A tenth of the produce of the land, whether grain or fruit, is the Beloved’s, and is holy. Each of us should give what we have decided in our hearts to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for the Beloved beckons your generosity of spirit.”

We uphold a modern translation of pouring forth 10% of all profits to an organization that is consensually agreed upon and is resonant with the work we’re doing.

Our upcoming immersion is focusing on sex-workers advocacy and human trafficking.



petals at your feet